Review Dragon Ball Super Broly: successful movie!

Review Dragon Ball Super Broly: successful movie!


Don't look for the streaming dragon ball super broly which is due to be released in USA  December 14... that would be a waste 🙅♂️! Yes, the new trailer is very much in demand, but Kame Sennin promises you: be patient until the movie, it's really worth the detour (not to mention the atmosphere). If you've already had the chance to see Dragon Ball Super: Broly on January 24th at the premiere (like our team 😎) you'll agree that this new feature movie, the 20th directed by the Dragon Ball franchise, is a great success. Even a great success!

For good reason: for the greatest fans' pleasure and for the newcomers who will discover the DBS universe, Akira Toriyama himself (the creator of the manga and the anime Dragon Ball) is directly involved in the scenario, the plot and the design of the characters (especially the mythical Broly), totally rewritten for the occasion. What more could you ask for?

We thus discover the origin of the legendary Super Saiyan as well as that of the Super Warriors Son Goku and the Prince of the Saiyans: Vegeta. It is Tatsuya Nagamine (director of One Piece) who stages the most powerful and popular villain of the OAV as well as a pleiad of old and new characters. (Psst, if you're a fan of Straw Hat Pirate, we've got the One Piece Goodies for you 😉)

Using the Seven Crystal Balls, teleport yourself to the planet Super Saiyan: already a stunning box office across the Channel, a neat story, a central character revisited, dazzling and never-before-seen fights, delirious humor and a dreamy fan service. According to some critics, a movie that marks the starting point of a new era in the history of Dragon Ball!

broly figure


 Before explaining the success of the first movie of the Dragon Ball Super series and evoking the Super Saiyans Broly, Vegeta and Goku, here are some Kamehamehas from elsewhere since the movie already achieves record revenues :

- In its Japanese birthplace, released in December 2018, Dragon ball super: Broly reached the top of the box office on the first weekend. Note that Toei Animation initially targeted a revenue of $44 million ... but has already raised $87 million worldwide 💰!

- In the USA, the movie is already the 3rd best animated movie of all time in terms of admissions and the first of the 20 Dragon ball productions. He has surpassed Pokémon for the title of "Best First Day Starter" for a Japanese animated movie. Translation: This is the movie of all records 🏆!

Review Dragon Ball Super Broly: successful movie!

- In France, the previews on January 23rd and 24th, 2019 were sold out and the atmosphere was totally crazy! Courage until March 13th...

- The release of a Blu-ray box set is already planned in the USA and Canada for April 2019. In Spain and the UK, the release of the Blu-ray pack is scheduled for May 2019.


The movie presents two relatively distinct parts: first a very interesting "origin story" of Broly, his relationship with his father Paragus but also the origins of Vegeta and Goku on their home planet (Planet Vegeta). Then the monstrous fight of the Super Saiyans!

1. Thus the DBS Movie begins by explaining how baby Broly, placed in the same incubation room as Vegeta, was sent (by order of King Vegeta) to the planet Vampa (very inhospitable). Indeed, the powers of the young Saiyan being abnormally high, he threatened the supremacy of the prodigal son (Vegeta Jr). The newborn is quickly followed by his father: they both try to survive alone and in autonomy, away from all the history of Dragon Ball. Found by two soldiers of Freezer 40 years later, they are recruited by the tyrant to quench his thirst for revenge. It's going to be a big hit 😤!

Review Dragon Ball Super Broly: successful movie!

2. To do so, they go to Earth to battle with the two Super Warriors Goku and Vegeta, busy looking for the seventh missing crystal ball in Antarctica (to rejuvenate Bulma by 5 years -lol- 😂). The unknown releases a very high level of energy as it descends from the ship. A mysterious and unknown super warrior who seems uncontrollable. Ready for a fight between Saiyans that will remain engraved in the anal?


Impressive in 1993 in Dragon Ball Z: Broly the Legendary Super Saiyan (originally created by Shigeyasu Yamauchi), he appears in two other FBOs: Dangerous Rivals (Dragon Ball Z: The Return of Broly) and Super Warrior Attack (Dragon Ball Z: Bio Broly). Everybody complains about Dragon Ball GT, but the real diarrhea of our favorite manga is this :

Review Dragon Ball Super Broly: successful movie!

Terrifying, almost demonized, its history, its origin or even its character had never been described before. It's done with this episode of "back-story" that humanizes our terrible assailant: an undeniable element of the success of this movie. Presented as an anomaly possessing an "infinite potential" (which King Vegeta himself evokes), Broly is in reality only a child having been manipulated by a malicious paternal. We'll let you discover the rest!


The animation will re-enchant Dragon Ball Super fans. The "character design" is very neat throughout the movie. Visually, the graphic palette is very colorful, the fineness of the strokes is exceptional without harming the traditional cartoon appreciated by fans.

The sets are neat, the drawings are aesthetic and pleasant to look at. The dynamism of the scenes and shots is very successful. We enter a new area with effects of shock waves, collapse or explosion, plays of light and variations in color and texture to impress the retina 🤩!


Modern 3D techniques and unprecedented camera shots produce stunning gestures and dynamics. The camera movements create ultra-impressive aerial choreography, as if the characters were wearing Go-pro! Of course all this is absolutely to be seen at the cinema 🎥! A hallucinating tracking shot as Broly falls and passes through four successive mountains after being hit by Vegeta.

Review Dragon Ball Super Broly: successful movie!

The "sound design" emphasizes the blows and shocks in an intense way accompanying the whole in a long fight which holds in breath at 200%! The musical atmosphere is varied and adapted with old musical themes and modernized remixes

The transformations performed by the three Super Warriors are a cocktail of beauty and details: iridescence, gradations, texture and energy effects, electromagnetic glows, auras and very successful shock waves. A "dragonball" aurora!


Review Dragon Ball Super Broly: successful movie!

One will still appreciate in this movie the carelessness of Goku and his clumsiness, as well as the badly licked and always in control bear side of Vegeta 😅, but who both manage to share the pleasure of the fight against an opponent of (big) size! We also have fun with offbeat gags, camera shots and a Japanese animation of some characters (notably Cheelai -new character-, a woman who accompanies Broly in his adventures).

Review Dragon Ball Super Broly: successful movie!

We can laugh when we discover the completely crazy intentions of Bulma (5 years younger) and Freezer (5 cm taller) for their wish to the Sacred Dragon Shenron. Why only 5 years old? Why only 5cm? To make it look "natural" according to their words!


 We see in the different trailers some characters that evoke the other FVOs: we see among others Beerus and Whis (Battle of God). The movie is full of easter eggs 🥚et with allusions to the DB universe for fans and geeks who will have fun getting them all up! Without spoiling you the movie, we can mention the appearance of child Raditz, Bulma, Piccolo, baby Goku who is shown stealthily in a capsule with a Saiyan armor.

Review Dragon Ball Super Broly: successful movie!

We also see his father Bardock (or Baddack), whom we know from the eponymous FVO (1990) and we see at his side a young woman... Sangoku's mother no doubt. Let us also mention Broly's Oozaru (Giant Monkey), a transformation that all Saiyans encounter when they stare at a moon for too long.



Rest assured, the end will not be revealed here but here are some senzus to wait a little longer!

- The relationship between Broly and his father Paragus (shown in the first part of the movie) is based on a violent parental control with the help of a necklace with electromagnetic discharges ⚡(not very nice...). Paragus stops his son by force to control his inordinate fury.

broly neck

- A humanized savagery nevertheless when we learn that a giant worm from the planet Vampa, Baa, is the only friend of the young warrior. Broly was very unhappy after his father ended this relationship with his only comrade (Paragus attacked Baa with a pistol and cut off his ear). Thereafter, the giant Baa worm was never the same again.

Broly will also wear a piece of his skin as a souvenir of his old friend (green cloth around the Saiyan's waist throughout the movie). Emotions and feelings for a warrior controlled by his rage and forced to fight by his father.

Review Dragon Ball Super Broly: successful movie!

- Cheelai and Lemo, the two members of Freezer's army who patrol Vampa, will be the first people Broly will meet after Paragus.

- Shenron is able to grant only one wish. Too bad for Freezer who would have liked to grow 5 cm and for Bulma who wanted to be 5 years younger!

- We learned through reverse engineering that it was Freezer himself and his father Cold who brought the Scouters' technology to the Saiyans. It is a mixture of a power detector and a radar scope that measures the energy scale. Out of fear of the myth of the Legendary Super Warrior, the tyrant of the Universe took control of the Saiyan people and eventually annihilated them completely. Even Baddack's comrades are on their knees before him 😨.



At last we can admire the fighting technique of the experienced Super Warriors who must use a succession of transformations up to the Gogeta Super Saiyan Blue stage in order not to give in in their titanic struggle against the invicible Broly. The mysterious fighter progresses instantly during the battle, with each transformation of Goku and Vegeta. Infinite potential? Legendary Super Saiyan? Check out 🤔!

The Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie is intense in its DB mythology, character aura, stylish appearances, aesthetic design and supercharged animation. It's a very effective transition to Dragon Ball Super and the Tournament of Power (psst, all the DBS episodes in streaming are available here, but shhh, it will remain our little secret 🤫).

All the crystal balls are gathered together to give you a good "Dragon kiff" moment. It's a successful and pleasant movie, which already unleashes fans all over the world ! A good opportunity to go to the cinema to admire Broly, Goku and Vegeta. Prepare your power detectors for maximum energy scales: dazzling transformations guaranteed!


Fan of Dragon Ball? Our review of the movie featuring fan favorite, the invincible Broly, made your mouth water? Would you like to show your Saiyan pride on March 13, 2019? Muten Roshi has what you need 🐢!

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Review Dragon Ball Super Broly: successful movie!

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