Vegeta : Prince Saiyan

Vegeta : Prince Saiyan

Vegeta (ベジータ Bejīta) also called Prince Saiyan
, is one of the main characters of Dragon Ball, created by Akira Toriyama. He is played by Ryō Horikawa (Japanese) and Christopher Sabat (English) in most of the anime and video games. He is one of many characters who started as an antagonist and then joined the Z Fighters. 🗡️

As you know, this anti-hero is also known for his longstanding rivalry with Goku. In this Ultimate Guide to Vegeta, you'll find out:

  • Who Prince Saiyan really is
  • All his most emblematic outfits
  • His deep personality
  • His appearances in the different Dragon Ball sagas
  • His fighting techniques
  • All transformations
  • And to conclude with some unpublished anecdotes about the character

  After this guide, you will have all the cards in hand to understand Prince Saiyan Vegeta perfectly... Let's discover him without any further delay!


Vegeta: Prince Saiyan

Born on the planet Vegeta, Vegeta was raised among the Saiyan elite alongside his father, King Vegeta. Because of his strength and power, Freezer asks that he take him as one of his personal servants, which only irritates King Vegeta and the entire Saiyan race. King Vegeta and an army of elite Saiyan soldiers attack Freezer but are completely overwhelmed and killed. 💀

Freezer will destroy the planet Vegeta soon after but Vegeta survived because he was on Freezer's ship. Being the prince of the Saiyan race, Vegeta is convinced that he is destined to become the most powerful being in the universe, which leads to anger and immense rivalry with Goku, who constantly surpasses him in power. 💥

Vegeta: Prince Saiyan

Vegeta is an adult Saiyan man of below average height. He has dark, spiky hair that gives him his unique style. His body is muscular and athletic like many characters designed by Akira Toriyama. Although his initial design was quite small, especially compared to Nappa, his design has changed over the years to look a little larger. Like most Saiyan warriors, he has severe and dark eyes. 👀

When he reaches Earth, he is discovered to have a brown and hairy tail like the other Saiyans, but it will be cut off by Yajirobe. 🗡️

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Vegeta: Prince Saiyan


Vegeta: Prince Saiyan

Vegetas are usually seen wearing the type of armor worn by the Saiyans and other members of the legendary Freezer army. Throughout the dbz saga, Vegeta wears less and less armor. In Namek, he wears a similar outfit but without the lower protective parts, later he will wear "old style" armor without the shoulder pads. During the Cell saga, he wears a similar armor but with smaller shoulder straps. Finally, during the Buu saga, Vegeta stops wearing bulletproof vests and only wears the under-suit, gloves and boots. 👢

In Dragon Ball Super, Vegeta wears again the Cell saga armor. He switches to a new armor designed by Bulma for a while, but will return to the same armor until the end of the DBS anime series. 🛡️

Vegeta: Prince Saiyan

Vegeta was also occasionally shown in casual outfits, usually t-shirts and pants. You probably remember him most famous casual outfit, the one with a pink shirt and the word "BADMAN" written on the back! 👕


Many fans were quick to point out Vegeta's strange color palette when he was first introduced in the DBZ anime, wearing green and orange Saiyan armor and dark brown hair. When he arrived on Earth, the art team opted for the familiar black armor and hair colors that fans are used to. 👨‍🦱

At the start of the anime, the creator of Dragon Ball, Toriyama, did not provide Toei Animation with color models of Vegeta and Nappa, leaving the animators to fill in the blanks, but after becoming aware of the hazardous color scheme of Vegeta, He hastened to inform them that the colors were awful and completely distorted, giving the animators just enough time to rectify the shooting and change the initial drawing before his fight on Earth. 📝


Vegeta: Prince Saiyan

Early in the DBZ series, Vegeta is aggressive and selfish. He is not afraid to kill subordinates when he no longer considers them useful. Vegeta keeps an eternal rivalry with Goku, his transformation of Super Saiyan being triggered by his inferiority complex. ➖

However later in Dragon Ball Z, Vegeta will prove to be a bit of a family man. His initial relationship with Bulma is for the moment very vague, the only evidence of this being his two children, Trunks and Bra. It is only when Vegeta fights alone against Majin Buu that we are informed of his caring nature towards his family. In Dragon Ball GT, it is obvious that Vegeta cares about his family, especially his daughter Bra, whom he overprotects. 👨‍👧


Flagship character of Akira Toriyama's series, Vegeta appeared many times in the saga, just like Sangoku, his eternal rival. Over the course of the episodes, Prince Saiyan was able to assert himself as a major character and therefore appeared several times in the different arcs. Let us discover them without further delay!


Vegeta: Prince Saiyan

Vegeta traveled to Earth after a call from his subordinate Raditz through his scout, who recorded information about Piccolo's Dragon Balls. With his second subordinate Nappa, Vegeta landed on Earth to search for the crystal balls with the goal of gaining immortality. 🧬

Vegeta will kill Nappa after he lost to Goku. Considering Sangoku as a "low class warrior", Vegeta will however be shaken by the increased power of this one and his Kaio-ken capacity. Vegeta uses a clever technique to create an energy ball that emits the same special energy waves, like those of the full moon. These waves will make Vegeta turn into a giant monkey, says Oozaru. 🐵


Vegeta will strike Goku down until his tail is cut off by Yajirobe, which allows him to return to normal. The fight leaves Vegeta wounded, who will end up retreating in his space capsule. Krilin picks up Yajirobe's sword to finish off Vegeta before he escapes, but Goku asks him to spare Vegeta so that he can fight him again one day. ⚔


Vegeta: Prince Saiyan

Vegeta then travels to the planet Namek, where he searches for another set of crystal balls, while determined to kill the Freezer space creature to avenge the Saiyan race. Vegeta heals in a rejuvenation chamber, gaining more power (thanks to him Saiyan ability to become stronger after healing from a near-death situation). He forms an impromptu alliance with Goku, who goes to Namek to help Gohan, Krilin and Bulma find the dragon balls as well. Vegeta finally fights Freezer and will be killed. ⚰

During the Goku vs. Freezer fight, Vegeta is brought back to life by the crystal balls of Namek's dragon. He will discover Goku transformed into SSJ1. He tries to attack Freezer but is sent to Earth by another wish. 🌌


Vegeta: Prince Saiyan

On Goku's return to Earth, a Super Saiyen from the future arrives. Vegeta is shocked to see another Super Saiyan and indeed a Saiyan at all, since they had all been wiped out except himself, Goku and his son, Sangohan. Out of anger towards Goku and this mysterious boy who had both surpassed him in power, Vegeta trains as much as he can. 🥋

Over time, Vegeta and Bulma develop a relationship and eventually give birth to Trunks, the current incarnation of Trunks from the Future. Under extreme pressure during training, Vegeta also triggered the transformation of Super Saiyan. 🔥


When the Androids C-19 and C-20 appear, Vegeta surprises everyone with his new Super Saiyan power. It is only when he fights C-18 that he will be surpassed. In a desperate effort to become stronger against Android and Cell, Vegeta will enter the hyperbolic chamber of time with Trunks of the Future for training.

Then, upon encountering the evil Cell, Vegeta ignores the Z-Team's final warnings and allows Cell to reach his perfect form, which Vegeta assumes will kill. Cell Perfect will easily defeat Vegeta and Future Trunks. In the final battle between Gohan and Cell, Vegeta gives in to the power of Son Gohan and assists him in the final confrontation. 🥊


saga buu

With the death of Goku, Vegeta continues to train beside his son Trunks. It is only at the time of the world tournament that Vegeta is offered the possibility to fight once again Sangoku. However, the tide turns and Vegeta will finally help Gohan and Goku defeat Babidi, who is trying to revive the monster Majin Boo. Vegeta easily defeats Babidi's henchman, Pui-Pui. Babidi will notice Vegeta's attitude, discovering a deep hatred in his soul.

Babidi tries to take control of Vegeta, releasing the hatred within him. Now under the seal of Majin, Majin Vegeta challenges Goku to a fight, killing innocent people during the world tournament to force Goku to accept. Once his absolute power is unleashed, Vegeta fights on an equal footing with Goku, but finds that Goku can't focus on their fight because of the seal. Goku succeeds in convincing Vegeta that it wasn't his true nature and they fight Boo together before resuming their fight.

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Vegeta: Prince Saiyan

Vegeta will trick Goku and knock him out, finally defying Majin Buu alone. Vegeta fights against Majin Boo, and Boo will subdue him almost entirely. Vegeta finally makes a sacrifice for his family, friends and his eternal rival Goku.

Using all his power, he generates a gigantic explosion to destroy Majin Boo, who unfortunately regenerates from the attack a few moments later. The attack used all that Vegeta had, his body turned to stone and fell in pieces when he hit the ground.


Later, King Yemma informs Vegeta that Buu was not killed, and offers him a second chance to destroy him and return to Earth. As Majin Buu has reached a new level of power, Goku informs Vegeta of the fusion with Potaras earrings.

Reluctantly, Vegeta accepts and the two rivals merge to form Vegeto. The power of Vegeto overwhelms Buu, but Buu manages to absorb it. Having foreseen this, Vegeto creates a barrier around him to prevent him from becoming part of the monster.


Once miniaturized in Buu's body, they separate again into Goku and Vegeta for unclear reasons. Vegeta crushes his Potara earring, not wanting to merge with Goku a second time. Together they save Goten, Trunks and Piccolo, while removing the absorbed Big Boo. Boo regressed into Kid Buu and blew up the Earth, but not before Goku and Vegeta escaped together with Mr. Satan and Dende, thanks to the help of Kibito-Kai. 🌠

Vegeta attends the final battle between Goku and Kid Buu, finally making it possible to establish the difference between his power and Goku's one. In a final effort, Vegeta begs the Earth to offer him energy to make a spiritual bomb. When Kid Buu is finally killed, Vegeta accepted the power of Goku, and finally befriended him. 👨‍❤️‍👨




In DBGT, Vegeta is attacked by Baby, thus becoming possessed by the mutant machine Baby Vegeta. When Goku becomes a Super Saiyan 4, Baby transforms Vegeta into a golden Oozaru. With Goku's help, Vegeta expels Baby from his body and sends him to the sun. ☀️

During the final fight against Li Shenron (the 1 Star Dragon), Bulma develops a machine that helps Vegeta to transform himself into the famous Golden Oozaru, because he can't do it himself without his tail. From there, he transforms himself into Super Saiyan 4, which finally corresponds to the power of Goku. When Li Shenron becomes Omega Shenron, Vegeta and Goku use the Fusion Dance to become Gogeta Super Saiyan 4 to fight him. 🕺🕺



A big complaint of the fans around Dragon Ball is that Goku always ensures the victory, while Vegeta always ends up being beaten by the main villain. In all Dragon Ball Z movies, he seems to be treated quite easily, although he is one of the strongest Z-Warriors, often at the same level of Goku. 😲

In the movie Dragon Ball Z: Broly the Super Warrior, he didn't even last a minute against Broly, and when he faced Bojack in Dragon Ball Z: The Space Mercenaries, he couldn't hold the candle to the galactic tyrant. In an interview, Takao Koyama, the author of the first 17 Dragon Ball Z movies, said he made Vegeta appear weaker in the movies than he actually was because Sangoku was always supposed to be the winner. 🏆


Vegeta: Prince Saiyan

Vegeta masters techniques worthy of his title of prince Saiyan, his main ones are the Canon Garric, the Big Bang Attack and the Final Flash.

This is Vegeta's characteristic attack. It shoots a wave of energy concentrated on an opponent. It is very similar to a Kamehameha.

A super-powerful attack where Vegeta shoots a huge ball of energy at his opponent. Vegeta developed this technique after becoming a Super Saiyan.

Vegeta gathers energy and shouts "Final flash!" A big wave of yellow energy is drawn from his hands. Vegeta developed this technique during his training in the hyperbolic time chamber. Shop your Pop Vegeta Final Flash if you are a fan of this attack!


vegeta final flash

Besides its transformation from Saiyan to Oozaru, Vegeta has developed many Super Saiyan transformations throughout the saga.

Also known as the "Giant Monkey", Vegeta transforms herself into a colossal creature, multiplying his power by 10. Vegeta absorbs Blitz waves (energy reflected from a full moon) with his tail to reach this state. He uses it to fight Goku on Earth. Contrary to the other Saiyans, Vegeta keeps the total control of himself in the state of Oozaru.

A transformation which multiplies by 50 the power of Vegeta, seen for the first time in the fight against C-19.

Being called "Super Vegeta", this transformation gives extra power compared to the standard Super Saiyan shape. It is used against semi-perfect Cell and will be abandoned in favor of higher transformations.

Although Vegeta has never been seen using this form, Cell and Future Trunks assume that Vegeta knew about the form but chose not to use it because it reduces the user's speed, making it essentially useless.

Obtained by a training some time after the Cell Games, this form multiplies the basic power of Vegeta by 100.

Although it is not strictly a transformation, it is the form Vegeta took after submitting to Babidi's magic in order to obtain more power. She is recognizable by the "M" on his forehead. It is often mistakenly believed that becoming Majin Vegeta has unlocked Vegeta's Super Saiyan 2 form.

In the game Dragon Ball: Raging Blast, Vegeta is represented as a Super Saiyan 3. Vegeta never achieved this form in the canonical scenario, but this dbz game offers simulation scenarios that go off the beaten track and allow players to play battles that never really happened in anime or manga.

In Dragon Ball GT, Vegeta becomes a Super Saiyan 4 after using Bulma's machine to allow him to transform into a giant monkey without needing his tail, then to become a Golden Oozaru and finally a Super Saiyan 4.

Although Vegeta initially seems to have avoided this transformation, he later directed it in the manga Dragon Ball Super and will be seen using the form in the movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly.

In this state, Vegeta is able to use the power of transformation of the Super Saiyan God (divine) while in its basic form. He and Goku used this state when Freezer was resurrected and came to Earth for revenge. However, this concept seems to have been abandoned, perhaps in favor of returning to the original form of God.

Also known as the Super Saiyan God, Vegeta trains to control the ki God through Whis with Goku on the planet of Beerus and unlocks this transformation at his side.

Similar to Super Saiyan Grade 2 in appearance, this is a more advanced state of Super Saiyan Blue that Vegeta exploits in the Power Tournament, giving it a power similar to that of Goku's Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken state.

We also have an article gathering All the Transformations of Vegeta if you want to dig a little more into them.


While Goku does not hesitate to use the powers of his Super Saiyan 3 transformation from time to time, Vegeta has never been seen using this well-known form of Goku in anime or manga, although he uses the transformation in video games such as Raging Blast 2 and Dokkan Battle. 🎮

According to the video game DBZ Raging Blast 2, Prince Saiyan combined his deep rage with his post-fight training against Kid Buu to take his Super Saiyan abilities to the next level. However, with the Super Saiyan Blue form far surpassing that of Super Saiyan 3, he would have no reason to use this form against a serious opponent. 😫


Vegeta: Prince Saiyan

In addition to the different transformations specific to the characters, Vegeta also had the opportunity to develop the fusion with Goku to become Vegeto and Gogeta.

Using the Potaras earrings, Goku and Vegeta become Vegeto, an immensely powerful warrior, stronger than the sum of the two thanks to the knowledge and techniques of both fighters. His attacks include the Spiritual Sword and the Final Kamehameha - a combination of Vegeta's Final Flash and Goku's Kamehameha.

Using the Metamol Fusion Dance technique, Goku and Vegeta combine to form Gogeta, another extremely powerful warrior. Gogeta is only seen in a non-canonical movie and in Dragon Ball GT. Gogeta's characteristic attacks include the Stardust Breaker - a unique attack that completely annihilates his opponent.


In addition to his children and wife, Vegeta's family consists of his father, King Vegeta, and his younger brother, Tarble, who was not a great fighter and was sent to a distant planet where he could no longer embarrass the members of his royal family. 👑

Vegeta's family is relatively large and powerful, as you will have understood. His mother is still unknown to this day but thanks to the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie that makes Goku's mother a canonical character in the saga, it's only a matter of time before fans can see exactly who gave birth to Vegeta. 👨👩👦👦

He will then marry Bulma. He will have 2 children, Trunks and Bra. We will learn then that he will have a great-great grandson named Vegeta Junior. 🧒

Vegeta: Prince Saiyan


Vegeta: Prince Saiyan

The rivalry that exists between Vegeta and Goku is also certainly linked to the most complex friendship of the franchise. When Vegeta and Goku first met in battle, it was clear that Vegeta was stronger, but after letting him escape, Goku promised that he would train even harder to be able to defeat Vegeta on his own if Prince Saiyan ever returned to Earth in search of revenge. 🥋

After Goku became the first Super Saiyan in decades, Vegeta trained relentlessly until one day he himself could achieve this transformation. This trend continued throughout the series, with both warriors pushing their own limits to surpass the other, and continued even in the Dragon Ball Super saga, as Vegeta decided to endure Whis' rigorous training in order to surpass Son Goku and unlock his own divine powers. 🌌


Vegeta: Prince Saiyan

Currently, the strongest transformation of Goku is its Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken x20 form, and although there is no indication as to whether Vegeta's evolved Super Saiyan Blue transformation is stronger or not, they are certainly on the same level, since Vegeta had no problem matching Goku when the two fought at full strength. 💨

The obvious advantage of Vegeta's transformation is that, unlike Kaioken, it does not put as much pressure on the user's body as it does after prolonged use. Without Sangoku's ability to exploit the Ultra Instinct, Vegeta could be the most powerful Z-Fighter at the moment. But, unfortunately, the Ultra Instinct gives Goku an advantage over all other mortals in the entire Dragon Ball multiverse. 🥇

Vegeta: Prince Saiyan


Here again, this is a question that will remain quite complex to explain clearly. As you know, the relationship between Goku and Vegeta is complicated, mixing friendship, rivalry and a touch of jealousy. 🤯

Goku and Vegeta spent most of their time rivaling each other. They worked together only because it was in their best interest. Kid Buu's defeat marked the official progression of their relationship from rivals to true friends. It was the first time they had ever managed to stop a major villain together. And with Vegeta finally accepting Goku as the best of the two warriors, he had no reason to treat Goku with the disdain he had always had for him before that moment.

From that time on, after the Buu saga, much of the tension between them had disappeared and it became hard to believe that the two were not always friends after seeing how comfortable they were with each other in the new Dragon Ball Super series.


Vegeta: Prince Saiyan

  • The name Vegeta comes from the word "vegetable" (vegetable in English) and other Saiyan names are derived from vegetable names. Kakarot = carrot, Raditz = radish, etc...

  • In the anime, Vegeta was initially drawn with reddish-brown hair and a different color armor before her own colors were finalized and implemented later. This discrepancy is corrected in Dragon Ball Kai. This other color palette is available as a skin for Vegeta in some dragonball video games.

  • Due to its popularity on the Internet, Vegeta's famous phrase "Over 9000!" has been parodied many times on the Internet. The scene occurs in the series during the dubbing of Dragon Ball Z by Ocean Group, when Vegeta's original English actor, Brian Drummond, said the line during the series' Saiyan saga. Vegeta is also dubbed by Christopher Sabat in the dub Funimation, with the line being interpreted differently, although the actual context is almost the same.🎤 

  • In the super anime Dragon Ball, Vegeta faces a copy of himself in a short arc. For the English dubbing, Christopher Sabat decided it would be a good idea to have Brian Drummond, Vegeta's first English voice before Chris took over, to animate Vegeta's double. This idea was well received by the most passionate fans.


Vegeta: Prince Saiyan

When you try to count exactly how many people were killed by Vegeta's hands, it can be difficult to find an exact number. Before the events of the series, he killed hundreds of people as a member of the Freezer fighting force. After eliminating Captain Ginyu in Dragon Ball Super, he consolidated his status as a man by taking the lives of all members of the Ginyu Force, not to mention the fact that he had already eliminated many other Freezer henchmen such as Cui, Zarbon and Dodoria. 💥

He didn't hesitate to destroy Nappa, C-19 and Pui Pui as well, ensuring that no matter what the saga, Dragon Ball Z fans will always have an impressive souvenir of Vegeta. He also killed more than a dozen of the screen's secondary characters, earning him one of the highest death rates of any Z fighter team. 💀


Here we go! Our Ultimate Guide to Vegeta is finished! As you can see, despite his haughty and arrogant character, he remains a key character in the Dragonball saga, and that's why he's so popular with fans. ⭐

We hope you enjoyed it and that this guide has helped you to strengthen your knowledge of him! And maybe now you'll want to join Prince Saiyan's army. If so, check out all of our Vegeta Products to honor this epic character! 💥

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